Essex graduates facing better work opportunities than in the past

Today’s students are finding it easier to get jobs than their predecessors, conclusions from a range of students has found.

I spoke to 6 graduates who graduated over the last 30 years and who currently live in Essex. I asked them a series of questions such as when they studied, what they studied, where they studied and how easy it was to find work.

The people asked had been to universities covering a wide geographical region stretching from Dublin to Kent.

The students asked had graduated between the years of 1985 and 2017 and most of them agreed that students are finding it easier to get into the careers that they are looking for.

The primary reason for why this could be easier is disputed.

Cathy who graduated in 1985 after studying Hotel Management at Westminster College, but now works in design said that if she was at university now “I would make more effort to choose the right course and then follow it through with a suitable job”

All the students who graduated before 2005 agreed that the types of courses were more generalised whereas today, they are more specific which lends its way for more opportunities for graduates.

However, two of the graduates expressed their concerns over the large increase of students’ debt including Cathy and Niamh.

Niamh who graduated in 2008 from the National college of Art and Design in Dublin and now works in design said that “I don’t think I could afford university now”

Statistics from the Higher Education Statistic Authority showed that in 2015/2016, 95% of graduates who had graduated over three and a half years ago went into further study or employment. In 2012, this figure was 93%. Therefore, showing that the employability rate of graduates is steadily increasing. (more…)