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Tours, fans and holograms

If you were asked to name your favourite musical artists, you might answer with Michael Jackson, Tupac, Elvis Presley or Freddie Mercury. But what would you say if they could be brought back to life, so you could see them perform one more time? You’d most likely say yes.

Why do we feel fear?

The concept of fear is something that has been explored in all mediums, from Iron Maiden’s Fear of The Dark album to iconic characters such as Stephen King’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown and iconic Batman character the Scarecrow. But what causes us to feel fear? And how do we get rid of fear?

Suffolk town’s astonishing decorations for Remembrance Day

Sudbury, Suffolk has amazed its inhabitants with its mesmerising poppy decorations as it prepares for Remembrance Day.

The displays feature poppy memorials decorating St. Peter’s Church on Market Hill. Many of the local shops have also taken to join the church and town hall in transforming their businesses to honour such a memorial.

Sunday will commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War. The poppy displays and memorials set up are humbling and beautiful to look upon. Here are just some of the photographs of how Sudbury is honouring Remembrance Day.



Royal British Legion: