5 Strange Red Dead Redemption 2 Locations

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly a beast of a game. Jam-packed with many weird and wonderful people, locations and encounters, it’s hard to narrow them down to the strangest. Today, I will rank my top 5 strangest Red Dead Redemption 2 locations!

1) Pagan Ritual


The Pagan Ritual is a point of interest location just outside of Strawberry. The scene is hard to miss, with a dismembered body, strange markings around the site and stone arrangements. It seems pretty clear this is some sort of sacrifice. As you’ll see, the scene is quite gruesome and unnerving, but you can actually take the skull off of the corpse to wear! The strangest bit about this location is that if you return after taking the skull, a new corpse will have appeared. Clearly there are some creepy people at work!

Source: Red Dead Wiki


2) Manmade Mutant


Located in a house just outside of Van Horn, this location or more, what lies within it will haunt you. To access the house, you must climb up onto the roof by the cart and into the second story window. Inside is a lab with all sorts of Frankstein-like creations as well as a number of the ‘creator’s’ notes. Most strange of all is the mutant itself. Constructed from what appears to be parts of a boar, bear and eagle, this mutant is sure to raise some eyebrows. As well as this, who created this abomination, no one knows…

Source: Red Dead Wiki

3) Meteor House


Located by Roanoke Valley, this location is strange but also super unfortunate. From the outside this house looks fairly normal, but the moment you step inside this is anything but the truth. There is a gaping hole in the roof, broken furniture, a meteorite in a dent on the floor and to top it all off, a collection of human remains. There are a lot of items that can actually be collected here, so it is well worth a visit to this strange place.

Source: Red Dead Wiki

4) Mysterious Hill Home


Located slightly north of Bacchus Station, this place I find delightfully strange. Being a fan of Lord of the Rings, I found the resemblance of the home to a hobbit hole unmistakable. The name originally made me think it would be super creepy, so to find this home actually was strange in a delightful way. As well as this, the symbol of the religious group The Chelonians is visible, which makes you wonder who actually lives there?

Source: Red Dead Wiki


5) Strange Statues


I mean it has strange in the name. Located just north of the Mysterious Hill Home, the strange statues can be accessed through some rocks on a hillside where you will have to walk between to find the cave entrance. There is also a painting referencing these statues that can be found Northwest of Fort Wallace which provides the clue to the puzzle. The statue room is really bizarre with a harpy statue in the middle of a circle of seven human statues. The cave is barely lit, making it look even more like it should be straight from a horror movie! However, completing the puzzle does earn you 3 gold bars, so worth the nightmares?

Source: Red Dead Wiki


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