Muse are back mightier than ever!

Muse’s Simulation Theory World Tour has been well underway following the release of their 8th studio album Simulation Theory.

Muse are renowned for their spectacular live performances sporting astonishing visual effects, lighting and staging. The Simulation Theory World Tour is no different. There was a clear theme from the title album where the whole show seemed like it came straight out of an 80’s sci-fi film, in a good way!

For the actual concert, it drifted beautifully from dramatically electrifying to emotional and heart-warming with a real communal feel. The setlist was brilliant with tracks spanning from across their career including some more obscure songs along with their major hits. The only minor issue I had here was that there were no tracks played from their debut album Showbiz.

Muse’s Murph, source: Muse’s instagram

This was a special gig for Muse themselves as it was the first time they’d performed at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium since London’s 2012 Olympics. At the opening ceremony they performed their song Survival from their 2012 album The 2nd Law, which also served at the official song of the Olympics.

The show had dazzling lights throughout, cinematic projections, people on zip-wires and neon soldiers. It even had a giant Murph with animatronic claws and mouth during the encore.

The show was quirky, bizarre and exciting which is sure to please any Muse fan out there. No matter what you may think of their recent albums, Muse sure know how to put on a hell of a show.




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Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
Break It to Me
Plug In Baby
Pray (High Valyrian)
The Dark Side
Supermassive Black Hole
Thought Contagion
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
Dig Down
Undisclosed Desires
Time Is Running Out
Futurism/Unnatural Selection/Micro Cuts
Take a Bow
Stockholm Syndrome/Assassin/Reapers/The Handler/New Born
Knights of Cydonia


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