5 Worst Game Of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones is filled with a vast diversity of characters from different classes and places with many different character arcs but some drastically stick out and not in a good way.


Game of Thrones is filled with a vast diversity of characters from different classes and places with many different character arcs but some drastically stick out and not in a good way.

Here are the 5 worst Game of Thrones characters. Just to note, I am not judging these characters on how ‘evil’ they are so don’t expect Joffrey or Ramsay on this list. I am judging the character based on the actor’s performance and the character’s story-arc. Also I am going to primarily focus on the main or reoccurring cast. I have attached links to scenes with each character.

5) Robin Arryn

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

Although Robin Arryn was an insufferable annoying child when the show first introduced him all the way back in series one, I will let him off purely because most of the show’s child actors were not that great at acting. However, in series 4 his acting is hard to described but at times it’s way too over the top and other times it is really flat. I understand if Lino Facioli was showing Robin Arryn’s annoying personality, but the dialogue delivery is often uncomfortable to watch. However, I am putting him at the bottom of this list because he does correctly portray Robin Arryn as spoilt and irritating.



4) Shae

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

Firstly, Shae had a relatively interesting role to play in Game Of Thrones but this was largely for Tyrion’s story line. On her own Shae is a fairly bland character who isn’t very developed as she seems to only appear in scenes with Tyrion or Sansa so gets very little screen time to fully develop her otherwise fairly flat character. Considering Sibel Kekilli had most of her acting scenes alongside Peter Dinklage, her acting abilities – or lack of are emphasised even more. The only way I can describe it is that it’s like she is reading directly from the script but at least she doesn’t speak in a monotone. Regardless, there was always a certain awkwardness with her delivery, but thankfully as Shae was not part of the main cast, her performance can be overlooked.


3) The Sand Snakes

Source: Vanity Fair

Despite the epic scene with Olenna Tyrell, most Game of Thrones fans will agree that the sand snakes were awful. The sand snakes’ main problem on the show was the complete contradiction and illogical reason behind their motive. To recap, essentially the sand snakes wanted to get revenge on the people responsible for the death of Oberyn Martell, by killing their own family? To be fair it was primarily the writing behind these characters that made their whole story line not make sense. However, I found their acting to flat and their characters to be very one dimensional and forgettable. The Dorne story-line is notorious for sticking out like a sore thumb in Game Of thrones but I can’t help but feel that if they were cast better, the outcome may have been better. (I had to attach two scenes here because the Olenna scene is just brilliant.)



2) Bran Stark

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

What annoys me most with Bran is that his story-line is truly fascinating as it is so surreal, yet Isaac Hempstead-Wright’s acting is so monotone and bland. The difference between Bran and Robin Arryn is that I feel the portrayal of  Robin Arryn produces an appropriate reaction for the character. However, Bran is in the main cast with arguably one of the most important and interesting roles yet is one of the dullest characters on the show. I do feel this is mainly due to Isaac Hempstead-Wright’s performance. I suppose you can argue that it’s part of his character now, but does that really warrant such an unenthusiastic delivery? I suppose the directing or writing could be to blame, in which case why would they make Bran become so robotic and dull? As a fan, I’ve found it particularly underwhelming in recent series which is a shame as Bran has so much potential.



1) Daenerys Targaryen

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

In my viewpoint, there was never any doubt who would be the top spot. I could honestly go on forever about everything I dislike about Daenerys. Putting it bluntly, Daenerys Targaryen is the sore thumb of the show. To be fair, Daenerys in series 1 was one of the most interesting characters due to her gradual adaptation to the ‘real’ world and her character growth, but since then her story has been painfully tiresome. As Daenerys is supposed to be one of the main characters of the show, it is pretty infuriating to see such a dull character grow out of so much early potential. In this case, I will put a large part of blame on the fact that Emilia Clarke is a unconvincing actor. I think she is better at playing a naive and inexperienced character (like series 1), but since then her acting has been uncomfortable and uncharismatic. This has become particularly evident when once again acting alongside Peter Dinklage where Clarke’s lack of acting abilities have been emphasised. I find Emilia Clarke’s recent Game of Thrones acting to be monotone and bland, but this could be because she doesn’t know what direction to take her character in or again the directing, in which case why would you make the main character so boring? Let’s just hope Emilia Clarke brings some appeal to the character in the final series.


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